Within you there is a stillness and sanctuary to which you can retreat at anytime and be yourself. Hermann Hesse

This website is dedicated to the art-of-being through Mindfulness and Yoga practice to learn how to switch from the doing mode to the being mode, learning how to deal with stress easing and healing the relationship with the self and life with authenticity.

Training the mind, coming back to the body sensations, getting along with emotions, welcoming the power of the present moment to arise in the daily life, exploring, accepting what is to find deep inside resources to surf on the events of life.

I am Aurélie Gaering and I am certified from Brown University to offer the 8 weeks MBSR –Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction- program. I offer the 8 weeks MBSR program, workshops and classes, to  groups or corporate groups.

I offer Wellness & Relaxing Retreats, weeks and week-ends in beautiful destinations all over Europe, in English and in French. Check it out :



I am teaching Yoga around Lugano at Yogaroof, Bodhizone, VF corporation. I also offer private yoga sessions.

Please reach out if you are interested, aurelie.gaering@gmail.com